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H-S: Scott Howell to open "Neapolitan pizzeria" in Rockwood

A hat tip to the Herald-Sun's enterprising business reporter, Monica Chen, for breaking the news that Scott Howell (of Q-Shack and Nana's fame) is opening new digs right next door to both, in the old dry cleaning and catering space adjacent to Q-Shack.

The Rockwood Filling Station, according to the H-S, will have a "simple and healthy" menu focusing on pizzas prepared in wood-burning ovens, with the to-be-expected focus on using local ingredients, along with a full bar and offerings of wine by the glass.

The new establishment will be open Tuesdays through Sundays for lunch and dinner.

No timeframe for the grand opening is given. Check out the full buzz at Chen's Business Buzz column.



"Downtown Rockwood" has quickly become one of my favorite places in Durham. Every neighborhood should have a little collection of unique shops and restaurants within walking distance the way Rockwood does. It is not quite "urban" in the sense that the buildings do not hug the street, yet it still has a very human friendly, pedestrian scale about it with simple, but eclectic architecture. The shopping center is not pretty, but it works, and fortunately is not surrounded by an ocean of parking. Plus, you can't beat Thai Cafe (IMHO). I wish the City would build sidewalks on both sides of University to help connect the Rockwood residential areas with this little commercial core. There are opportunities for this type of neighborhood scale, non-strip mall commercial development throughout Durham's core.


The shopping center may not "pretty," but it is heck of a lot better looking than it used to be. A HUGE THANKS to the owner for cleaning this place up. The changes that have been made at the center are key to the "Rockwood Village" feeling that is emerging.

John D.

this is the best news ever - it's practically just down the street!

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