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City Manager finalists forum: Three strikes, you're in?

First reactions to the Durham City Manager candidates forum -- and how you can watch

The City Manager candidates just wrapped up their public forum/Q&A and are finishing up their media briefing.

(A briefing that began with I think the following question from Barry Ragin: "Will you let the bloggers sit in front with the media?" A question answered in the affirmative, with chuckles. For the record, BCR is reporting from Philadelphia tonight, not the Council chambers -- but thanks to the magic of, I could watch the public meeting live on the web. Incidentally, if you're one of the two people who doesn't read Barry's blog, he's got great coverage up today of the finalists' records in other communites.)

We'll have much more in the next few hours on the discussion from the evening. But in short: they say there's nothing like being there. And if you're interested in watching the forum, watch it online from the City's website (the link's currently down), or this Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday at 2pm on Time Warner Cable channel 8.

The candidates showed some interesting contrasts during the discussion, and it's worth watching. Recap and analysis to follow here soon.


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