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TBJ has more on Erwin Rd. Crosland project

Tbj_crosland_erwin A follow-up to last week's mention of Crosland's plan to replace Bristol Court and some restaurants on Erwin Road near Duke with a brand-new apartment complex/mixed-use development: Triangle Business Journal this week has an excellent story about the proposal, including the imagery from the developer shown at right.

According to the TBJ:

  • The $75 million complex will have mostly studio and 1-bedroom apartments targeted towards "medical residents and staff" who "rotate through" the Duke Medical complex;
  • Eventual condo conversion is possible;
  • Construction is unlikely to begin for 18 months;
  • Additional commercial was hoped for, but created too much traffic impact and neighbors "were more enthusiastic" of having residential.

The TBJ article also mentions other development planned for the area, including a hotel proposed for Erwin Terrace and a hotel/office/condo project on the remaining Pavilion at Lakeview site.

Incidentally, if you haven't done so, be sure to check out the comments on the earlier story on this project. Regular commentors KH and David raise some very interesting points about the changing demographics of the area and the impact of same.



Has anyone proposed putting a pedestrian bridge or two over Erwin, to reduce the need to play frogger? Or is that not feasible or practical?


more likely we're going to see an additional light and better emphasis on cross walks. If lucky, an actual median.

Michael Bacon

Just some crosswalks, some traffic calming measures, and better signaling really ought to be committed elements of this project.


To follow up on Toastie's comment - if not a pedestrian bridge, at least some serious study on synchronizing traffic lights better, slowing traffic speeds, plus allowing enough crossing time for people who aren't national-class racewalkers to get from one side of Erwin to the other within the alloted "walk" time when the light does give the pedestrian the right of way. It's really stressful trying to cross on foot at just about any point on Erwin between the hospital and Morreene.


What gets me is the number of people who rarely make an attempt to go to a crosswalk -- I've seen dozens of people of all sizes, shapes and colors just cut right across from Duke to the VA, some just standing on the yellow line in the middle of the road while traffic whizzes by on both sides. I'm not sure we have a culture in this area that will adapt to more crosswalks, but I like the idea of a bridge.


I also think the area needs better lighting. It is still pretty desolate at night, even with all the new development.


A median would probably work better...You would really want to maintain the pedestrian activity on the street. I know I drive slow through this area to avoid accidentally hitting someone.

Since all three of the new developments are proposing additions, maybe they can all make a median w/ appropriate turn lanes part of their committed elements. I don't know if it would be fair to burden one developer.

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