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Rumor: Verizon FiOS tv/phone/Internet coming to Durham?

OK, this may not be all that exciting for those folks who don't know their DSL from their DOCSIS from their 1080i. But if you're an A/V geek or techie -- or if you're just sick of your current cable TV or telephone service -- a rumor circulating on the Internet (where else?) may make you stand up and take notice.

The good folks over at BroadbandReports.com are a-twitter with a rumor that Verizon is on the verge of announcing its FiOS service for the Bull City in the next few weeks. RTP and South Durham are reported to be the first areas served, an unsurprising development given the possibility of selling business-class services into Research Triangle Park businesses.

Downtown and north Durham along the Duke Street corridor -- given the proximity to Verizon's central offices up there -- are reported to follow closely thereafter, according to the BroadbandReports.com message board.

FiOS is Verizon's fiber optic-based phone, television and Internet service. A fiber optic cable is run to your house, allowing Internet access that's several times faster than what Time Warner and other cable providers can provide. In many communities, FiOS TV offers a package of 200 channels in all-digital quality for $42.99 a month, too. Find out more at Verizon's web site.

That's dependent on having the opportunity for a television franchise agreement, which Verizon is eligible for on a state-wide basis thanks to legislation passed a couple of years ago. (The Independent Weekly has a very good series on their concerns over the legislation allowing this; Fiona Morgan of the Indy noted last summer that Verizon at the time had no firm FiOS plans for N.C., though it sounds from this rumor that that might be changing.)

Politics aside, it'd be good to see some new options in the home broadband space, especially for HDTV owners frustrated with our local cable company's limited HDTV channels (and use of a new technology that essentially blocks the high-definition TiVo from working on HD channels for the time being.)


seth vidal

Just as a warning. My dad has the FIOS tv stuff up in richmond, va. The closed captioning doesn't work, AT ALL. That pretty much makes it a deal breaker for me.


You just made my week! Finally, we might have some semblance of choice in our broadband internet provisioning technology other than cable/DSL! Not only FiOS, but WiMAX is on the way too... (Yeah, I know about Clearwire, but until they upgrade to WiMAX, it's not great).


Faster internet! More! Faster! Better! Now!

Seriously, I don't care about the TV stuff, but I want more bandwidth!


That's great news. Its a powerful product. I'm an VZ employee unfortunately, we haven't heard that its coming. I hope the rumor is true.


If you're an HD geek you absolutely must give up TimeWarner and go with DirecTV. We cut the cord six months ago and have never been happier. Much cheaper, more movie channels, lots more 1080i channels.

Re: TiVo, the DirecTV DVR is OK but a poor substitute for the DirecTV/TiVo combo or the TW cable/analog TiVo combo. With the DTV unit you can record by keywords, which is an improvement over the TW unit, but it's still not as good as TiVo. Plus the way they show the "What's Playing" list is kind of annoying -- it's more like ReplayTV, if you've ever seen that UI. Feel free to come over and check it out if you want.

Of course the biggest drawback of DTV is that you have to use Verizon DSL or pay TW cable for a la carte RoadRunner. Our Verizon service is spotty, it seems the nearest CO is on Watts St. and is subject to frequent interruption. Hopefully FiOS will fix that!


Folks, I'm here to tell you it ain't happening. I work for VzB and saw the billboard myself. I ended up tracking down a Marketing person at Fios (a former Dookie), in VA, and he told me it was a mixup with the billboard company. Our area is too small for Fios. If VZ was Triangle-wide...yes. Durham being the only city with VZ local phone service...no.




It's time for Verizon to start expanding into BellSouth /AT&T territory anyway. It seems they would have loved to serve Briar Creek and Cary has been crying for an alternative for years. Carolina Broadband was a casualty of the Dot-com bomb.

AT&T's solution (Fiber to the Curb/N'hood) would be inferior to Verizon's Fiber to the house. We NEED the competition anyway. Verizon's solutions opens the door to a myriad of consumer and business possibilities. From truly interactive TV to high-def video conferencing...the possibilities are endless due to fiber's scalability.

In the words, Verizon needs to make the rumors come true.


This is a post to Jim regarding Fios not coming to Durham. I am the source of the "leak" referrenced above. There are several Bb around town, not just the one on 147. FIOS is on track for late Spring/early summer, not a few weeks as I was originally told. I cannot give away why I know this, except that I have a new-found friend at Verizon & contractor service that they are using. Fiber "sprouts" are located all over the area. TW has even acknowledged as much by boosting the avail net speed. Durham is not the only Verizon service area, only the largest city. Remember, Durham county hosts approx 85% of RTP.



We'll see. If there's more than one billboard around town, I haven't seen it. Are they still up? Why would a guy intimately involved with the rollout of this service (not to mention the area) not know this? Unlikely.

Hey, I hope it's true. I'd love the employee discount! But, don't be surprised if you're without come September...



If you plan to get only TV and Internet or any service without a phone, then you better charge your cell phones. The only way the Verizon can link services is through a land line. So if you try to call and/or discuss anything about your plan . . . well, let's just say that it would be more possible to fly to the moon. the customer service is full of people that are trained for only one aspect of Verizon and have no idea who to transfer you to. I don't want to make a huge complaint blog. Just want to warn people that verizon residential is a disaster unless you get the package with the phone. Then it is only half a disaster. When calling to check my final bill after cancelling, they were unable to provide me the information and since I was travelling I was unable to receive the final bill. It took ONE MONTH just to get the number to PAY THEM! Then I got two different numbers. Now it is two months later and they are continuing to bill me, although the account is closed and I have long moved away.

Verizon Wireless is great - 100% recommended
Verizon Residential and Business - Needs a LOT of improvement 0% recommended

Sorry to burst your bubble. Just want to save you a lot of time and frustration

Myers Sugg

Please see the link below on jobsearchusa.org for a FIOS sales person for the Indigo Corners Durham Verizon Wireless store. This job posting was put out there only a week or two ago. Perhaps we will in fact get FIOS????? Anybody else heard anything recently?




Four Verizon reps were walking my neighborhood yesterday. One wearing a red Verizon shirt, the others wearing "20/20" badges. They tried to sell me on their double/triple play packages. When I asked about FIOS Mr. Red Shirt took over stating that it wasn't coming for "a long time". He then went on to suggest that current DSL customers would be automatically transitioned over to FIOS when it becomes available. He also indicated that FIOS would come sooner to areas with higher Verizon customer bases.

I imagine that these reps have been given talking points to use when asked about FIOS because they want to sell what they have now. Time Warner is eating their lunch and they are scrambling to regain market share, or at least slow the erosion, until such time as they can rollout FIOS. They also seemed to have talking points to respond to customers who have VOIP (You've probably had a lot of dropped calls).

He did say that they are now offering 7Mbps DSL, though didn't mention the price nor did the literature that they gave me. That combined with the 768Kbps upload speed may be enough to make me seriously consider switching to DSL if nobody offers anything better by this summer.

Myers Sugg

Thanks Steve for letting us know that Verizon has begun a door to door campaign in Durham. I presume you live in southern Durham, as 7.1mbps DSL is not available at this time, in most of Durham. Supposedly the Lakewood & Downtown CO's will get "turned up" in June. Regardless, the notion that they are wearing "20/20" shirts, which is related to FIOS, makes one pause. I think you are right, that these guys want to get as many folks into their bundles, based on current product offerings. I sincerely hope that FIOS finds its way to Durham sooner rather than later. Verizon is doing its best to be tight lipped. There have been a handful of signs to the contrary though, like what you describe here.

So if anyone else has any news or observations like this, please do share it with BCR readers...

Myers Sugg


I requested my telephone and Internet Service be transferred to my new address on November 26, 2008. Verizon indicated the current residences of the condo I was moving to still had phone service and it would need to be disconnected (key point). The Verizon employee set up an appointment for me on December 9, 2008. At 3:00am on December 9, 2008, I received several emails from Verizon cancelling my Internet service. I called and I found out my appointments was cancelled because apparently they did not have my unit number (but how could they know the previous residences had not turned their phone off yet). Anyway, I spoke to Mr. Ramsey who informed me he could not adjust my bill, he did not have record of the order number and the only thing he could do was to reschedule my appointment. On Friday, December 12, a Verizon employee came to establish my phone service and I was told there was no record of an order for the Internet. I contacted Verizon today, December 16, 2008 and I was told I needed to have a brand new order put in because again, there were several mistakes made and I wasn't scheduled to have my Internet service and that it will take a few days to have service.


Any updates on FiOS in Durham?

Myers Sugg

Another tease regarding FIOS. This time from Craigslist. If anyone knows any insider information, please share it.


Verizon Sales Representatives (Raleigh)

Reply to: job-ezcne-1144994189@craigslist.org [Errors when replying to ads?]
Date: 2009-04-28, 7:45PM EDT

Sales Reps will sell FiOS TV/Internet in a Verizon wireless retail store/kiosk environment. This is a career opportunity that pays an hourly base with an uncapped commission. We are looking for both entry level sales reps as well as experienced sales reps who are motivated by compensation and want to rise to the top, as we firmly believe in promoting from within. We are currently hiring for full-time positions.

Please email your resume to be considered No walk-ins or calls please. Position is located in Raleigh (Brier Creek Pkwy). Remember to put Raleigh in the subject line of your email.

Location: Raleigh
Compensation: 9 an hour plus commission (30,000 to 40,000)
Principals only. Recruiters, please don't contact this job poster.
Please, no phone calls about this job!
Please do not contact job poster about other services, products or commercial interests.

Myers Sugg

Can someone confirm this? If so, we can say bye bye to a well known phone company in our area. We also presumably can say bye bye to any chance of getting FIOS.


Frontier Communications will purchase 4.8 million access lines from Verizon, making Frontier the biggest rural telecom provider in the country. Frontier says it plans to expand broadband services in these areas. Verizon says the deal will help accelerate Verizon's focus on wireless, broadband and global IP.

The sale includes all of Verizon’s phone lines in Arizona, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Nevada, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, Sough Carolina, Washington, West Virginia, plus some lines in border areas of California.

Myers Sugg

My hunch is that this sale will include RTP/Durham. I'm trying to get confirmation on this now. From General Telephone to GTE to Verizon and now to no name brand, Frontier. I know land lines are not the hot commodity they used to be, but knowing that we were connected to a well capitalized national brand/company usually meant we had quicker access to newer products and services offered in the larger cities served by Verizon.

Myers Sugg

I suppose landline telephony has come to this in other parts of the US. Check out the sophistication of the Hooterville Telephone Company's website. See below. Do we live in Durham/RTP, home of several major multinational companies, with a pretty sophisticated workforce, or Bugtussle?




Myers, check out this post from a Michigan blog I ran across at random. Frontier says they will continue FiOS but not expand it. http://michigantelephone.wordpress.com/2009/05/13/frontier-existing-fios-will-be-continued-but-no-plans-to-expand-into-new-areas/

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