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Quick update: BOA approves permit, variance for King's Daughters Home B&B

The Board of Adjustment voted unanimously this morning to approve the minor special use permit and variance required for Deanna and Colin Crossman to operate a bed and breakfast at the King's Daughters Home.

The vote came after over two hours' of testimony and argument from two groups of adjacent neighbors and other stakeholders: one group in favor of the proposal without restrictions, and a second, significantly smaller group of neighbors supportive of the B&B but concerned about the impact of events allowed as an accessory group. This latter group called for restrictions on noise, parking, alcohol use, and event size.

The Crossmans agreed to add a single condition to their application -- a maximum headcount of 100 people in the facility at any time -- which was sufficient to meet any concerns on the part of the members of the BOA.

The project will go before the DRB one final time on its consent agenda, which means that the project has passed all the political hurdles to moving forward at this time.

We'll have a much more detailed transcript of today's meeting posted at BCR tonight. (Again, as in all things related to Trinity Park, I must add the disclaimer that I speak only for myself on this subject.)



Yippee! I'm glad a lot of neighbors turned out to support this project.

Toby Berla

Congratulations to the Crossmans! I look forward to booking a weekend for my parents at the new B&B.

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