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Photo trivia time: Can you place this photo?

Driving around North Cackalacky this weekend, I spied the following old advertisement sitting out on the side of a quaint old building.

Any guesses as to where this mural can be found? Sorry, no prizes for the winner. (Confidential to Mr. Bull in Full -- I still owe you your prize for the Stith/Bell election contest. Can I pay up at next month's Durham blogger dinner?)



Michael Bacon



Bacon's answer made me laugh. But I'm not sure why -- because it's true? Or just because it sounds funny?!

Regarding contests -- I tried doing a few of them at the Archer Pelican back when I started in 2003. The hardest part (for me) was arranging delivery of the prizes. So I quit with the contests. And I still owe a couple of prizes :-)


Oh, I've seen this! Where, oh, where... Troy?

Kevin Davis

For all I know, this same particular mural _could_ be in Knightdale or Troy, too. But, this particular photo wasn't taken in either town.

Bacon's closer, if by closer you mean "is the location of the photo to the east or west of Durham?"

Myers Sugg

I'd say either Smithfield or Wilson. Am I any closer?


Kevin Davis

Myers: Sorry, wrong direction. Hint: It's two-thirds of the way to Mecklenburg County -- but, which one?



Michael Bacon



Wild animals, furniture, BBQ, or trains? :)

Kevin Davis

The answer is: downtown Henderson, N.C.

Not more than a stone throw away from the headquarters of Art Pope's family enterprise, the Variety Wholesale discount store chain, in fact.

Was sightseeing in the old town to our north when I noticed this. Nice to see it hasn't disappeared -- unlike most of the rest of downtown Henderson, which is a couple of furniture stores, thrift shops and storefront churches away from pure desolation.


can anyone tell me the artist or signiture on this mural? or if anyone knows how old it is.. i would much much much appreciate it

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