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Ninth Street Plan update: Draft plan open house tonight

The City/County Planning Department is holding an open house this evening to receive input on the draft version of the Ninth Street Plan. As we've talked about here before, this proposed plan would create a form-based building code that would govern development in the corridor stretching from Green St. to Sam's Blue Light in a manner designed to enforce design-based rules to try to preserve the character and look-and-feel of the Ninth Street district.

Though increasingly popular, form-based codes have their skeptics, too, in that they often replace traditional zoning rules -- which tries to pattern which uses (retail, commercial, industrial, etc.) can occur in particular areas -- with precepts that just govern buildings' envelopes, size, form and placement.

The Ninth Street area, like so many parts of revitalizing Durham, is always a magnet for developer activity -- and the Watts-Hillandale and Old West Durham neighborhoods, which has long been active in land use planning (with court battles still legendary in the Bull City), remain wary about development plans set for Ninth Street North at the corner of Ninth and Green. At the same time, the plan is now moving forward after Frank Duke's departure as chief of the planning department.

All of which means: Expect some continued debate and discussion about this one before the plan moves forward. Tonight's open house is scheduled for 5:00pm to 8:00pm at Asbury United Methodist Church (806 Clarendon St.); the meeting is a drop-in format, not a three-hour marathon.



I feel it's obligatory at this point to pour some coffee on the hallowed ground of our beloved Biscuit King. Though Wimpy's makes a fine fatback biscuit, I still miss waking up with the King.


I'm with you, David. Nobody makes a BIB (breakfast in a bowl) like they did.

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