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Durham Dunkin' delayed slightly; caffeine, crullers eight weeks away

A quick Dunkin' update: The new Durham outlet planned for the Pavilion at Lakeview on Erwin Rd. is now scheduled to open on March 15. Construction reportedly began this week at the west Durham site.

One can only imagine what the drive-through line will look like at peak hours, what with queues of 20-30 minutes reported some days for lunch at Chipotle, and with more eateries still to come in the complex.

Hat tip to the always-responsive and well-sourced Sue Stock over at the N&O who responded lightning-quick to reader inquiries from the weekend (and who provided this update over at her blog.)



Where is durhamfood to complain about their anti-union policies and the chains' soulless devoring of our beloved town?

I think we should have beignets and cafe au lait instead, hand rolled by TROSA and subsidized by the city. With free wifi and unlimited refills.


I went over there just a few days ago: the space that did have DD banners in it now had banners for another company. Any ideas on that?

DR: I think you're mis-taking durhamfood, but then, I have the advantage of personally knowing him. He would complain about it, but that's just because he'd want a Krispy Kreme there. :) Me, I'm rooting for DD. And you can get beignets and café au lait at Rue Cler downtown. :)


Yes, but do they pay a living wage?


I've been achin' for a late night/all-night coffee place around here for years; I got used to it living in the frozen north, and it didn't seem right that there weren't any in Durham. It was a backburner 'entrepreneurial' scheme even.

There haven't been any donut/coffee places around since the one on Hillsborough Rd was taken over by a local establishment and promptly went out of business, many years ago. The one on Guess Rd doesn't count, as that's a combo KFC/TCBY or somesuch and closes around 10 pm. Even the Starbucks close at 7 (Hillsborough Rd, American Tobacco) or 11 (Wynnsong/old South Sq area).

I'm up real late/early most of the time, and I'm sure I'm not the only one. I hope they get one there, and hope the hours aren't limited.

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