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"Blade Runner: The Final Cut" comes to the Carolina Theatre

Three cheers for the Carolina Theatre: They've managed to secure screen rights to show Ripley Scott's "Blade Runner: The Final Cut" on the big screen for a limited engagement starting Friday, January 18.

The latest and purportedly final Ripley Scott re-edit of the sci-fi masterpiece has been available for a few weeks on DVD (Avid Video on Broad & Main has it, and I'm guessing VisArt does too), but there are only four 35mm prints of the film in existence. The Carolina's one-to-two week run of the film will mark its only showing in North Carolina.

WUNC's "The State of Things" will have an interview with the Carolina's Jim Carl on Friday's program to talk about how the Carolina snagged this rare film for a limited local engagement.



I think I must be the only person in my friend set to not like this movie. Bored me to tears.

Kevin Davis

Of course, that only goes to prove that you're a replicant, Phil.


Major kudos to the Carolina Theater team on scoring this. They make life here a whole lot better in many ways.

And I'll join Phil in the heretical section by admitting that I kinda like the voiceover...don't kick my ass, Barry.

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