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Youth Noise Network covers Durham development, wants your input

A thanks to the good folks at the Youth Noise Network program at Duke's Center for Documentary Studies for giving me the opportunity to talk to their group last night about development in Durham. YNN brings together Durham teenagers to produce audio documentaries about topics that impact the Bull City from the unique perspective of the city's youth. We talked about the history of development in Durham, the roles of private- and public-sector players, and emerging trends in mixed-use development, redevelopment in the urban core, and affordable housing.

Talking here at BCR about, say, topics like the Garrett Farm apartments or the W. Main St. "Quality Products, Quality People" factory bridge is one thing -- hearing the perspectives of local teens who live near or are impacted by the built environment and changes therein is quite a different thing.

YNN will be meeting with a number of stakeholders in Durham's development community over the next couple of months (including a January tour with Greenfire of the developer's downtown properties), and they're looking for the help of others in the community who can share their thoughts and perspectives on development. If you've got thoughts to share and would like to meet a great group of Durham youth, send an email to YNN coordinator Tennessee Watson.



one of the best things happening at WXDU

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