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Tonight at BCR: Election results as they happen

Today's the day the polls officially open and close again, and we'll be here with coverage tonight. As with the primary elections, BCR will be liveblogging the election results as they come out this evening; we're expecting the first results to be released by the Durham County Board of Elections around 8:00 p.m.

We'll have insta-results as they're posted, and analysis of what happened and why when the data become available later Tuesday night.

Will Stith's last-minute robocalls swing the vote his way? (Given that our household's call came while Council was in session, we can at least tell that it is in fact a recording, not Stith live -- as though that were ever in doubt.) Will the growing tempest over the alleged removal, by someone or some organization, of anti-Stith signs and pro-Harris signs come to anything in the hours before the election?

Will local TV stations provide any coverage of the Durham election at all?

We'll try to answer... well, those questions we can tomorrow night. Best wishes to the candidates and their campaigns on the last day.

Update: Over at Barry's place, folks are talking about what they're seeing, precinct-by-precinct, in re turnout, last-minute campaigning, etc. Check it out and add your observations there.



Kevin - i'm curious about the "last-minute" robocall. We didn't get one. In fact, we didn't get any of Stith's calls. What did it say?


We got one. It pretty much was just a reminder to vote and a quick rundown of Stith's campaign points. Nothing negative, really, just the usual 'fight crime, lower taxes' stuff.


I got the Stith robocall around dinner time last night. I had fun with it and called him out. Too bad it wasn't really him.

I also got a robocall from David Price stumping for Bill Bell on my voice mail yesterday afternoon.

Off to work the polls....


I got two calls in a row last night around dinner time, one from Elizabeth Dole telling me to vote for Stith and the other from Stith himself. It's enough to turn anyone off really.


Next question - do you all have unlisted numbers? we do, and we haven't gotten a single call.


Barry, they know not to mess with you, man. "Fourth rate," indeed. You're public enemy #1 to the Lord of the Stith!


heh heh. Actually, i'd much rather spend the next year showing Liddy Dole the door. If Stith should happen to win, that's going to really put a hurt on my spare time.

Kevin Farmer

The anti-Stith signs were definitely removed, Kevin--ain't no alleged about it. On Sunday I went back over the route I drove on Saturday morning putting them out. Over half were gone. Similar attrition reported from other routes.

That said, this sort of thing is rarely done (in this town) by an "organization." I'm quite certain that Stith's campaign had nothing to do with it, and I'm quite certain that Farad Ali's campaign had nothing to do with the removal of David Harris's signs--too risky, not Farad Ali's style, and all things said and done, not really Stith's style, either.


I've been checking turn-out at polls, and I have one observation: if you're a Democrat or a Progressive, you best get your butt to the polls. And tell your friends of a similar mind to get there, as well. As of 2:00 PM, I've been seeing stronger than usual turn-out at the mixed or outerlying polls like Forestview, Temple Baptist, etc. and only moderately higher turn-out at the Dem stronghold polls. It's early, but it worries me some.


We got, I think, 2 robocalls during toddler bathtime (7-7:30p). One that we didn't answer (no msg) and another from Stith that we hung up on after a few secs. I think we received 1-2 other political ones in the past month, and 2 from Patrick Baker telling us to save water.

I was voter #6 at the Holy Infant Catholic (Woodcroft/SSW Durham) this morning at 6:40a.

Michael Bacon

I have to say -- I'm starting to sweat my prediction. I really didn't think anything could get decent turnout of South Durham, but I'm getting surprised by it.

I think I'm going to make some "remember to vote" calls right now...

Kevin Davis

South Durham turnout shouldn't be a surprised. Some of the highest property values in the county? You better believe that gets people out to vote.

And, this is the first contested Mayoral race since... well, practically since Southpointland opened.

The local papers reported high turnout in some northern and southern Durham districts for the primary. The question is going to be, how high and how sustained the high turnout is.

And, of course, how well Stith does in South Durham. If the turnout levels stay where they did in the primary, my ballpark est. was Stith needs 60% of the southern Durham vote to win the shebang.

We'll know in a couple of hours, folks.

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