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Michael Bacon wins BCR's guess-the-election contest

Thanks to all those who entered the Bull City Rising guess-the-mayor's race contest. As it turned out, the mayor's race was a lot less contested than I thought it would be -- but picking a winner in this little fete has turned out to be a bit harder, since the guess-the-winner contest produced more recounts than the Bell-Stith race itself.

Michael Bacon (regular reader and blogger over at The Bull in Full) guessed a 58% Bell, 41% Stith, 1% write-in outcome. BCR reader Nicole, on the other hand, guessed 57.9% Bell, 42.1% Stith.

The actual outcome, rounded to one decimal point? 58.1% Bell, 41.6% Stith, 0.3% for write-ins. Which means that both Michael and Nicole were off the mark on the top-two candidates by a total of 0.7% each.

Which means it's time to go out a decimal point, at which time we find that Mr. Stith's total was actually 41.57% to Bell's 58.11%. Meaning that Michael technically wins this with a variance of 0.68% to Nicole's 0.74%. (Next time, remind me to build in a tiebreaker -- sheesh.)

Congrats to Michael on winning a $25 gift certificate to a local Durham restaurant of his choice.



Congratulations Michael!

Michael Bacon


Kevin Farmer

Your numbers were the unofficial version. The official canvass numbers were 58.15% Bell, 41.53% Stith, .32% write-in. I don't think that changes the results, however.

The write-in candidates, as usual, are worth a read:


Michael Bacon

Holy cow, those are funny. Two write-in votes for Mike Nifong for Council? That's great.

And the Ray Ubinger vote for mayor was pretty good too. I really want to know if that was Ray or someone else. If it was Ray, that pretty much sums up my thoughts on libertarians.

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