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Kids Voting on the ballot in Durham this year

OK, so we all know that we adults get a chance to vote in tomorrow's election for mayor, City Council, and the county and city bond issues.

But what about the little ones among us? BCR reader and Kids Voting Durham organizer Carolyn Kreuger wrote in to remind us that her organization will again this year be sponsoring a youth voting effort at a number of polling places this year.

Now, our youngest citizens have in many cases already gotten to participate in the voting effort in their local elementary and middle schools, some of which offered Kids Voting in school this year. Middle and high school-aged students can also cast an online ballot at the project's web site,, through 7:30pm on election night.

Better still, if you have a son or daughter and you will be voting at one of about 25 Durham polling places offering Kids Voting, your child can cast their own kids ballot at the polling place while you cast your (more legally binding) vote.

What's the point? The Kids Voting folks point out that children who see their parents voting, or who have a chance themselves to try to cast a vote of some sort at a young age, are more likely to be engaged in civic causes -- including voting -- as they grow older.

Given the low turnout in lots of local and even national elections, that's a cause we can all get behind.


Stu Mark

Your essay, which inspires the concept of voting, has been nominated for Hot Stuff Of The Week by one of our readers over at GNMParents. Congrats and good luck in the voting!


What a terrific idea! Encouraging children to appreciate the value of voting at a young age. Excellent.

I hope people get a chance to view their voting results and compare them with the actual formal election results to see the similarities/differences.

Although, I do wonder how much help their parents had on their final decision. ;) It's all good. As long as it stimulates, we'll have a better tomorrow.

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