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Power outage hits downtown area

Much of Durham's midsection was hit by a 90-minute power outage this afternoon due to an explosion at the Duke Power substation right off the South Ellerbe Creek trail near Trinity Ave. and N. Duke St. at 11:50am today. The N&O has more details over at their web site and notes that 5,900 customers were impacted, including large swaths of downtown.

From our house in the 1400 block of Duke, we saw the power go out immediately and heard the loud snap of an explosion a few seconds later -- who needs Mr. Wizard to teach us that light travels faster than sound, kids, when you can experience it yourself? Traffic lights remained out of service at some corners for at least a couple hours after the event, and businesses at least as far west as Broad St. Cafe and Watts Grocery were impacted.



We heard the explosion while standing in line on Washington St. waiting to get into the beer festival. Everyone turned around and we saw a mushroom-like cloud of smoke rise from behind the tree line. At first, I thought a piece of equipment had blown up at the Trinity Lofts construction site.

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