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More on Ox & Rabbit on Ninth St.

The Duke Chronicle has an interesting story today about the Ox & Rabbit, the new soda fountain-cum-sundries shop opening in the old McDonald's Drug Store space on Ninth Street. The store's opening has been variously reported at Joe's place, here, and in the local papers, but the Chronicle has a bit more detail in its coverage today.

Among the story's highlights:

  • The Ox & Rabbit, helmed by Bryan Nickell and Erin Walker-McMullen, will open up this November on Ninth Street.
  • The store's "sundries" will include baby care items, as previously reported in the local papers, but such items will be "unique and hip and a little more funky."
  • Other items for sale will include 'housewares, cards, chocolate, clothing, [and] bath products," with a focus on items from artists and craftspeople or their direct sales arms, not wholesalers.
  • The owners anticipate a price mix from low to high that can appeal to impoverished college students and young children all the way up to better-heeled shoppers.

More on the store as its opening draws near.


seth vidal

impoverished college students? Where? Not around duke. Unless by 'impoverished' you mean 'only able to afford half of the summer in the tropics'. :)


Well, some of them are impoverished, or at least used to be: my mom worked in a textile mill and my dad ran a little country store. But point taken, Seth: I imagine there are even fewer students around Duke like me than there were 25 years ago.

I happened to run into the WWW site for Fog City News the other day. Reminded me of some of the things the old Ivy Room used to do. I'd love to have a place like that around. But perhaps Durham can't support a place as nice looking as FSN: it's in San Francisco's financial district.


Crap -- link got eaten.

seth vidal

You're correct, I'm sure some of them are or used to be impoverished. Though, I'd love to see what the average available disposable income is for duke undergrads. Given the number of them I've seen driving a car that's about 2x my salary I'm betting that number is pretty high.



If want impoverished Duke Students, you need only recall that the University doesn't enroll only undergraduates. Who do you think teaches lil' Johnny with the Bimmer? Yeah, that's right. A grad student riding a late-model Huffy.

Speaking of, what's with the Ox and Rabbit's limited hours? I will never, ever be able to go there during the week, because they close right around the time most people get home from work. I guess I could make an effort to go on the weekend, but honestly, who wants to have to make such an effort to get dessert? I think I'll stick with Elmo's shakes. I'm slightly allergic to high levels of twee, anyway.

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