Stay of execution for downtown Durham neighborhoods' street canopy?
305 South to close by end of October

I-40 widening work complete, save for final clean-up

Good news for South Durham drivers: The I-40 repaving work necessitated by the faulty installation of concrete a couple of years back is now largely complete, with all the concrete having been replaced by asphalt (at the tune of $20 million or so to state taxpayers). Which means an end to the drastic lane reductions at night during the repaving project's timeline.

Some wrap-up work and inspections remain (as has been the case with the widened I-85 through Durham) but this is not expected to impact drivers in the way that the repaving efforts have.

As the N&O pointed out in today's edition, this has been a small silver lining for the statewide drought conditions; though the project was initially scheduled to be complete by May 2008, the lack of rain this year has allowed the effort to proceed with little weather-related interruption.


Joshua Allen

Does anyone know when I-85 "cleanup" work is due to be done? They have been "cleaning" up for over a year. I think it was supposed to be done last December.

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