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American Tobacco residential/apartment website goes live

As work nears completion on the Old Bull and Noell buildings in Phase II of the American Tobacco Campus, it looks like it's time for Capitol Broadcasting to start leasing up the units. A new web site ( is now live and provides an overview of the complex's residential options.

Unfortunately, floorplans are not yet live; additionally, there's no mention of condo units, of which twelve were announced to be included along with 53 apartments in this phase. (This could be an element still to come on the web site or through a future marketing option.)

Some of the marketing-heavy text on the site is a bit heavy on the flowery prose; witness, for instance, the discussion of "Bull River views" from your apartment. The water feature at American Tobacco is great and all, but I don't know if I'd count river views as an amenity per se. Interestingly, most of the amenities listed for the units go hand in hand with the ATC itself, like access to the YMCA on the complex and a "Starbucks on your doorstep," though not after 4pm or on weekends yet, of course.

For my money and from ground-level peeking, the Noell units -- which are new construction atop the old factory complex building with roof decks and patios -- look to be the most intriguing option in the second phase, though there's something to be said for the character of the Old Bull building, the "oldest factory building in Durham."

Price ranges are not listed, though the site invites you to name your desired price range.



interesting how the 'directions' say "take I-40 west...", assuming anyone interested is coming from Raleigh. or perhaps Wilson? Wilmington?


My wife dropped by the site yesterday and was told that the condos will only be available to lease for at least seven years. Because of the cost involved in refurbishing a historical building, the builder does not feel the market would support the required asking price.


Isn't that seven years thing a federal requirement for historical reuse? I'm not an expert on historical / adaptive reuse, but that's my understanding.


That seven years is the amount of time an owner has to hold on to it to receive the historic tax credits...which can be big $$ in a project like this.

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