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More national press for Locopops

Still more national coverage for Durham's runaway dessert hit, Locopops. NPR West's Day to Day afternoon program ran a two-and-a-half minute piece on the paleta shop last week, highlighting Locopops as the perfect summer treat in the Bull City.

Highlight of the story: a sound bite from a newcomer to Durham who's buying a house in part based on its proximity to Locopops.

This press comes on the heels of Locopops being featured in Food & Wine magazine earlier this spring.

Stop on by the NPR web site to hear the story. A tip of the hat to the Sin Noticias de Stew blog for the heads-up on this story.



Well, I live within 3 blocks of the 'pops, so it's an issue close to my heart. Thanks for the props.

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