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Durham Farmer's Market to consider mid-week operations, too

One of the surest signs of success is, people want you to give a little bit more.

This has been true of many good things around the Bull City ("what? Piedmont's closed for lunch on Tuesdays?") but especially for the Durham Farmer's Market. Unlike some enterprises of this sort, Durham's market is focused on keeping food local -- everything on sale comes from within a 70-mile radius of Durham, and is grown by the folks selling it.

Dfmlogo2003 Durham's market started small in the parking lot of the old DAP back in 1998 with, according to their web site, a handful of producers and the always-enterprising youth of the SEEDS program. The market outgrew that space and moved over to the Measurement, Inc. parking lot on Morris, only to then to need even more room.

Since April, the Farmer's Market has been open in the new pavilion in Durham Central Park, attracting massive crowds each Saturday from 8am to noon for fresh produce, home-baked goods, and crafts. A market teeming with people (and, reportedly, a queue to even get on the list to sell stuff at the Market.)

So now, some folks are asking the market to give a little bit more.

Specifically, more times and days for the market. One question that I've heard a couple of times now in the community is, will the Farmer's Market ever expand to more days, such as by adding a mid-week market?

Word is, this is something the market's board of directors is currently discussing, due to interest from both vendors and customers. A challenge in the past has been getting funding for a market manager -- a part-time position, currently paid to work the market just that Saturday morning -- to cover another half-dozen or so hours a week.

Here's hoping that the folks at the Market can make this happen. Because this is a good thing people are asking for more of.

No matter what, we will be seeing the Farmer's Market expand their calendar a little bit. The Market will now be open every Saturday in December until Christmas, and then the first and third Saturdays of each month through March, returning to weekly in April. (Previously, the market went on hiatus for winter.)



The market had winter hours last year too (maybe also the year before...I can't recall) held in the Durham Centrsl Park School. They were open I think twice per month.


I SO love the Farmer's Market.


This is really great news. Will they continue to use the Central Park school in the winter or will it be outside?


I really hope they do this. I would be FAR more likely to go to the market on a weekday. As it is, I never make it to the farmer's market because I prefer to sleep in on the weekends.


I wonder if this would help with the elbow-to-elbow critical mass seen there every Saturday. Did we under estimate the size needed for the Farmer's Market? Filing it in the "good problem to have category" the FM is way too crowded for me...I always feel like I'm in someone's way and there's is usually someone in my way. It's about as much fun as negotiating the Whole Foods' aisles on a busy day.

Sandi Chapman

If anyone from the FM is listening, a Wednesday like they do in Carrboro would be fabulous. At our house we always start running out of fresh produce by mid-week!!

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