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So let me get this straight. Goldsboro can get its old train station bought by NCDOT and renovated, despite the fact that it doesn't actually have, you know, any actual train traffic. Meanwhile, NCDOT balks at paying the necessary cash to relocate Durham's "Amshack" train station over to a much nicer facility at West Village, where actual passengers are served?

Please tell me what makes sense about this, if you can. From WRAL:

The state Department of Transportation said Friday that it has purchased Union Station, Goldsboro's former passenger train station, and plans to restore it for use as a multi-modal transportation center.

The two-story, 10,000-square-foot station, which was built in 1909, was sold to a private business in 1972 after passenger rail service to Goldsboro was discontinued, officials said. It was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1977.

“What we are witnessing today is truly a merger of the old and the new,” state Board of Transportation member Tom Betts of Rocky Mount said in a statement. “An important part of Goldsboro’s history is being reclaimed and will be given new identity and purpose that will serve the citizens of Goldsboro and Wayne County for many years to come.”



"The fact that some official's brother-in-law is making a lot of money on this deal did not affect the outcome in the slightest," he continued.


Goldsboro Union Station will eventually have trains again, when the train service from Raleigh to Wilmington eventually gets started, and this will be the station.

Also, realize this: NCDOT is BUYING the station in Goldsboro. This is a capital cost. NCDOT would RENT the space at Walker in Durham. That is an operational cost. Operational funds and capital funds typically come from completely different pots.

The Amshack is dinky, but I think it would be more synergistic to have all public transportation facilities on the south side of the tracks, even if that means keeping Amtrak in the Amshack for another year or three.

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