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Coming soon -- Durham: A Self-Portrait

Coming not long on the heels of the announced premiere of the Rousse-Durham documentary in September comes word that another film study involving the Bull City will be premiering in November at the Carolina Theatre.

The scope this time? A self-described "reflection on Durham's history" that encompasses a look at the city through the eyes of people who've seen it grow and change over the years. The film is laid out in three acts -- a look at Durham's transformation from open fields to industrial giant, the defiance of segregation and institutional racism in the post-War period, and the revitalization of Durham in the late 20th and early 21st century.

Durham: A Self-Portrait is being produced by Steven Channing, a Durhamite and documentary film maker whose works include Alamance and America's 400th Anniversary. The documentary is being produced to "national broadcast quality" and will have a companion educational video/teaching guide.

Check out the project's web site for more on the film and some trailers/outtakes. Kudos to Reyn Bowman's blog for the tip on this project.


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