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Golden Belt web site online, spaces available for spring 2008

Even though the question of whether Durham County will match the city's subsidies for the Heritage Square project, Scientific Properties is moving full steam ahead with the Golden Belt project.

Gb_loft As we've discussed previously here at BCR, Golden Belt is filling an interesting niche in Durham's commercial and residential market, targeting artists with live/work residential units along with individual and group work-only spaces that are highly affordable (starting at around $200 per month.) Early reports back are that spaces are being reserved quickly even in the absence of a tremendous amount of publicity.

Golden Belt is an important test for Durham, with a private development moving into an area of town that has been economically disadvantaged for years, yet which is surrounded by the renewal efforts of the Hope VI project. It's also an appropriate nod to Durham's very strong homegrown arts community.

More information and some floor plans are available at the Golden Belt web site. An online marketing survey about the Golden Belt project (seemingly trying to figure out what demographic is interested in the project and what amenities they're looking for) is also posted.



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