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Wine clearance at the old Fowler's Gourmet this Saturday

The new owner of the old Fowler's Gourmet at Peabody Place downtown is holding an inventory clearance sale this Saturday for bottles of wine left in inventory from the old store, in advance of its reopening as Parker & Otis in June.

There will be wines from all major regions with reds and whites priced to sell fast! All wines will be sold at discounts from 50-70% off the retail price with wines starting at just $3.00 a bottle. Join us from 10:00 am - 2:00 pm on the back porch Saturday June 2nd for this exciting event.

Here's hoping we can get a peek inside the new store while we're at it.



I went onto the back porch over the weekend and peaked through a tear in the paper. She's got a LONG way to go. The old Fowler's menu boards were still up along with a bunch of the old Fowler's equipment. It didn't seem like much had been done at all.

I'm a little weary of that wine. It's been sitting around for over 7 months and who knows if the AC has been running in there or not. That place used to get mighty toasty even with AC.

Kevin Davis

Dan S. noted the following on another page about Parker & Otis here at BCR: "According to the staff on the back porch, all the wine, save two bottles, was purchased by 10:10am. I arrived around 11am and saw enough wine storage to hold a couple hundred bottles -- it must have been a madhouse."

It *was* a madhouse. The wife and I arrived there at 10am sharp... and saw a tremendously large line, far more than we ever expected. We ran over to Alivia's to get brunch, thinking we could still pick up something good after the line subsided, and found everything gone.

Wow. Hopefully P&O gets this a taste of this business after they open.

Blazer Manpurse, BFA

Actually, unbeknownst to you line-dwellers, I bought everything the previous night and I will soon be steaming off all the labels and repackaging it all as "Three Buck Schmuck's." Ask for it by name at your nearest Food Lion soon!


I also arrived at 10 and was surprised by the turnout. I had a brief conversation with the guy in line behind me who told me that the building was without power for a while and at some point it became so hot inside that bottles of Champagne exploded. I suspect that most of the wine sold on Saturday was cooked.

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