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American Tobacco East Deck a go; I-85/Glenn School Road development stopped

The Herald-Sun/N&O today have a couple of important news bullets out of Monday night's County Commission meeting:

First, the County has approved the final installment of the funding towards the American Tobacco parking decks initially allocated several years back in the long-negotiated deal that gave the project its start.  The 441-space "East Deck" will serve the new phase of American Tobacco, including the new Diamond View buildings being constructed behind the outfield of the Durham Bulls Athletic Park.

Interestingly, neither article makes any mention of two points of interest.  There's no discussion of the design plan to wrap the East Deck with residential units to create a more attractive structure, as posited over at the architect's web site; however, the decision by the County to turn the funds over to Capitol Broadcasting so it can own the garage rather than the government owning the garage as originally planned could be compatible with this.  Additionally, there's no mention of the small point that this parking deck will help support the performing arts center being built right next door to Diamond View, though it would seem a major element in the center's support.

(If I understand the plans right, the residential-wrapped garage is on the right side of this drawing, behind the Diamond View II building next to the ballpark and just in front of the performing arts center.)


Also of interest: the developer who was proposing to build over 1,000 homes and nearly as much retail square footage as all of Northgate Mall off of I-85 and Glenn School Road has withdrawn the proposal due to the cost of road improvements that would be required to the local infrastructure.  With a Super Wal-Mart on the way down the street from the suggested location (oh, joy) we're bound to see residential in that area sooner than later, but it won't be this project.


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