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Amtrak 'off the rails' at West Village?

Today's Durham News carries the disappointing news that NCDOT may be backing off its plans to move the Amtrak station from its current tiny home (puts the 'ramshackle' in 'shack,' literally -- it looks like the doublewide trailer of train stations) to the West Village project right across the tracks.  I'd heard rumblings of this in other places but this was the first I'd seen of it in print.

Too bad if true.  NC's got only a moderate intra-state rail program (operated by Amtrak with state funding) but it's a useful link to Charlotte in particular.  Whether TTA comes through or not, Durham needs a better home for its train station. It's a crime that the Bull City's beautiful old Union Station got demolished in the name of the downtown loop's misbegotten "promise" (more on that in a few days).

On a happier note, driving by the West Village site yesterday, it's impressive to see how much progress has been made throughout the southern side of the Main Street corridor.  Cutouts for windows are there and you can really see the incredible transformation underway.


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