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July 01, 2011


Nelson Muntz

"...and will cut cheese to order." Ha Ha!


@Nelson: very funny!


Great to hear the revitalization continues and more restaurants are opening around Orange Street.

Diane Oxley

Durham just keeps getting better. Being downtown is now a real joy.

Mark Critzer

I realize there's no shortage of places to play pool, including Tyler's and Doyle's, but it would be great if someone actually opened a place inside the downtown loop, or Brightleaf square with at least four tables and a music stage. Perhaps a classier version of a Jillian's, for the over 21's. I believe there was a piano/pool bar in Brightleaf years ago, but they had some problems with the building.

By the way, has anyone visited the Roxy yet? I don't know if it is finished.


Well there's the Green Room and the Tavern not far away which both have many pool tables.

A while back West End Wine Bar had plans to open a billiards hall (which i'm guessing would be a swankier option) but havent heard much on that lately.

Mark Critzer

Yep, familiar with Green Room and Tavern. Thanks. I was just trying to narrow things down to a few blocks along Main Street, within a short walk of Brightleaf and/or Five Points. Semi-swank decor, but not suits & ties swank. The wine bar option would be perfect in between both places.

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"Durham just keeps getting better. Being downtown is now a real joy." - it does indeed, I just went there last month. It was off the hook!

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