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July 18, 2011


Ross Grady

But is the ground floor of BF 8000 square feet? This H-S article is the source of that square footage & also says 200 seats:

FWIW, I've enjoyed the Pit's BBQ at the DBAP, and was grateful to see that they retained the tradition of the foot-long Carolina 'Cue Dog.

But the Pit in Raleigh really does rub me the wrong way, in terms of atmosphere, attitude, and actual quality of the food.

I'd be much more excited to find out that the former proprietors of Chapel Hill's The Barbecue Joint were going to open a new site in Downtown Durham. *that* would be a dream come true . . .

Bull City Rising

@Ross -- there have been persistent rumors for years that the Joint was looking in downtown. They were linked to the Cafe Zen space, before Tylers was linked to it, before Jim Anile took it on. But I suspect more smoke than fire.


I for one would love to see The Pit open up in downtown Durham. Regardless of your opinion on whether or not their BBQ or atmosphere is authentic, they do a brisk business in Raleigh and would bring people and foot traffic to Durham.

It would be great if they renovated the Bargain Furniture building and even better if the Underground were to move in as well.

Development in downtown Durham is a good thing, regardless of your opinion of the BBQ.


I've definitely seen a lot of construction/engineer-type people measuring, looking, gesticulating, etc.. around the bottom floor of that building in the last couple of weeks.

K. Cantwell

I love when Grady gets cited as a reliable source. ;


I heard from a very reliable source that The Pitt will not be in Bargain Furniture.


I really would hate for a place with questionable BBQ to be located Downtown.

We're in the South and we pride ourselves on Southern food. I know it seems silly, but I just can't help but think of the tourist visiting Durham and tasting sub-par BBQ.

I'll get off my soapbox now.


@Carol: has your "reliable" source seen the sign in the window saying "The Pit, Coming Soon"?


@Will: Yes - definitely. It says Coming Soon to Durham.


I don't think the Pit's cue is "sub-par" but even if it were, they'd hardly be the first place in Durham or downtown serving "questionable" food.


@Carol - have you seen this sign anywhere else but in the window of the Bargain Furniture building?


@Will: No, but just because it is in the window doesn't mean it is going in that building. Maybe they just don't want to announce the location yet. Maybe they want us guessing on purpose (conjecture on my part). I don't know anymore than what I was told--it will not be in BF.


I imagined that site with 4,600 sq ft per floor would make a great condo buildout on the top 3 floors - close to the growing foodie scene, theatre and farmers market, only blocks from ATC.

You mention the space on Chapel Hill & Orange St - I believe the top floor was just leased to a tech startup (A Small Orange) a month or so ago. I think they are even hiring. Great news.

Mark Critzer

I just went downtown today and confirm to you that there are two signs in the window "The Pit Coming to Durham". There also appeared to be some remodeling going on. I love the Pit in Raleigh, and their sides are my favorite. When we have visitors to my workplace, they are often advised to try it out, so I think it would be fantastic to tell them it's only 5-10 miles away instead of 25.

Also, I have confirmed with the owner of the building that formerly housed the Book Exchange is under contract for a new restaurant, and also some remodeling underway. I'd be curious as to when the building next door owned by Kimbrell's will be sold and transformed into living space, etc. Anyone have any news? It'a a shame they've been sitting vacant for so long.


Glad something is happening with the building, but I'm sorry it's another bbq joint. With Q Shack so close by, downtown doesn't need more bbq. How about some Moroccan downtown? Or molecular gastronomy, or something else that we don't already have?


I wouldn't say that Q-Shack is "close by" at all - it's about 3 miles from downtown. Even if it were closer, consider the situation in Raleigh: The Pit and Clyde Cooper's are a few blocks apart on the same street, and they both do good business.

Even so, I would also like more ethnic options downtown; Moroccan would a great addition to the dining scence here. I'll pass on the molecular gastronomy, though. I'm pretty adventurous when it comes to food, but no one has convinced me that that stuff is actually food.

Rob Gillespie

The Book Exchange building (the one of three with renovation) will be "Mateo", a new tapas bar from the exec chef at Vin Rouge.

I agree that we need some more ethnic food downtown. There's plenty of room for more Chinese, Thai, Indian, and other options donwtown.


Kevin -

Tell us how you feel about Main Street. Seriously, don't hold back. :>



@ GreenBuilderBull

The PIT has damn good ribs. They fall off the bone and make my stomach feel good. I've confirmed they are the shiz with my brother-in-law who slow cooks his own pig butts down in Rockingham. Those boys down there know their 'cue.

Questionable? I think not.


Unconfirmed, but believable, speculation that The Pit will likely be opening in the former 7Up bottling/Winter Mountain building on the SE corner of West Geer and Rigsbee, across from Motorco and next to FullSteam.

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