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June 14, 2011


John F

Any idea what might happen to its current Cornwallis Road site?

Doug Roach

John, the JCC may need it for parking....


Does RU-M (Urban Multi-family) require stormwater facilities? Its difficult finding a definitive answer. If so...I'm not sure how much sense a stormwater retention pond makes in an environment on a relative small and dense lot.

Seth J. Jernigan, CCIM

Our firm, Real Estate Associates, has the current Maureen Joy facility on Cornwallis Rd. listed for sale. Details can be found here:


@ Khalid,
I could be mistaken, but I believe stormwater treatment is triggered by any change of use and/or passing a threshold of site disturbance (which this site will undoubtedly surpass, given Durham's own parking development requirements. And this is regardless of the particular zoning (ironic?. Maybe someone more up on deep album cuts in the gate-fold UDO can comment further.


Really? They interviewed someone who flips houses for a living to speak on whether neighborhood residents like the idea of their neighborhood being 'revitalized'. Such a surprise that she thought it was great.


@gogreen- I'm a resident of East Durham- less than one block from old YE Smith. Having bought and renovated my own house, I can say that 1- some houses in East Durham are badly in need of renovation, in fact, are in unlivable condition. 2- renovating a house is a seriously difficult process, not one that I think everyone or even many people want to take on. Therefore, I welcome the presence of people in my neighborhood who are going to risk their own capital and energy bringing some of the housing stock up to a condition that's livable (and particularly people like Tiffany who are doing it with a light hand that doesn't destroy the historic houses that they're working on).

And come on- East Durham does need some revitalization. There's a lot of great stuff there already. But, there's no dearth of opportunity for improvement. I think 6 out of maybe 15 of the storefronts in the old downtown have operating, functioning businesses. This neighborhood resident would sure like to see some of those empty/shuttered/barred storefronts "revitalized".

I'm also really happy that this specific building will be brought back into the world of usefulness. I look forward to there being people there, and energy, instead of a hulking mostly boarded up brick building.


If you're interested in learning more about the project and following project progress, please visit its community website at:

herve leger

“We want our middle schoolers to learn about community service and reach out in the community and serve in the community,” the principal said. “I think we could really be an active, positive force in that community.”

herve leger

John, the JCC may need it for parking....

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Im a basketball player in maureen joy and we need that school and i will miss u jjc

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Great headline. For a minute there I thought I was reading The Onion!

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