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June 28, 2011


Rob Gillespie

And, per Gronberg @ the HS, Harris appears to be dropping out:

"I was going to, but now that Diane has reconsidered, I don't think I am," said David Harris, who'd previously signaled that he'd likely make his second try for a council seat. "If Diane's going to run, I'm not going to run."

Bull City Rising

@Rob -- Yeah, I modified the post to note that early this morning.

Still, with Schewel staying in the race, I still suspect you could see some interesting shifts at play here... particularly if voters who last time around may have been Catotti + Brown + 1 preference-pickers now find themselves adding Schewel to that mix.  

Ironically, if it were to be Catotti, Schewel plus Brown/Ali -- that swing vote becomes more pivotal than ever, in some ways.

Tar Heelz

Our Council has a progressive "wing"? How would you describe the appendage on the other side of the Council bird?

Rob Gillespie

And now it looks like Farad Ali is out. This leaves the current candidate slate as Catotti, Brown, and Schewel.

Still no word on Kalkhof.


Politics aside... I hope to be able to vote for people who believe in Durham and want to take it from Good to Great Things...

Tar Heelz

Victoria is IN!

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