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May 24, 2011


They knew

Greenfire knew of the problems for years... and did nothing.

Now they try and pass the buck and deflect responsibililty while lying.

ain't gonna work. They need to stop blowing hot air, and start doing smart and responsible things. They could start by taking responsibility for the mess they have made.


This is all to get their insurance company to pay for the damages.

If there was deferred maintenance then Greenfire is liable and the insurance company won't have to pay out. If there was a system failure that they didn't know about the insurance company has to pay out.

It's not very surprising they are playing the idiot card.

Doug Roach

Whether Greenfire, their insurers or even the city, you can bet the buck passing is going to be happening fast and furious now.
Unfortunately it'll likely be the tenants or the taxpayers who will lose out at the end of this exercise in denying responsibility.

Will buy a few when they are dead

Soon this will be Greenfire:

ghosts of denials past

"I did not have sexual relations with that Monica Lewinsky woman."


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