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May 13, 2011



and no Bill Fields to deal with. that guy is the scurge holding Ninth Street back, and from reaching its potential as a truly dense interesting hub (and the Medical Arts Complex on Gregson and...)

Dear Bill, fix up your properties and get tentants in them, or sell the properties instead of letting them languish/rot.


@Stacey: You're absolutely right. Oh--and Bill, pay for trash service and quit jamming your trash into the public trash cans on 9th Street.


Thanks for the great writeup of Dogstar and Golden Belt, Matt. We're excited for their new space to completed and open. I just wanted to also mention that, in addition to those you've mentioned, BIkram Yoga Durham is our other significant retail tenant - they've been a wonderfully successful addition to Golden Belt.


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Great headline. For a minute there I thought I was reading The Onion!

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