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April 26, 2011


Steve Graff

I've seen more changes at RDU in the almost six years that I've lived here that at SJC in the 30 years I lived in the SF Bay Area. And that's a good thing.

Sean Sondej

I agree with Steve wholeheartedly. The fact that we are continuously updating and expanding our airport is a good sign.


Thank God they are redoing the Trailer Park look. Nothing against anybody's place of residence but I don't prefer it for our public infrastructure.

I didn't realize until dropping a friend off at the airport one time and they brought it to my attention. Terminal 2 is great BTW!


if you don't like it, wait twenty years and it will change.

Erik Landfried

Apparently, T1 will only serve extremely white people.

Bull City Rising

@Erik: Similarly, I'm not a fan of the grayscale interior color scheme... :P


The architectural renderings give us several sneak previews:

Photo "11" suggests that the terminal floor will also be storage for oil shale.

Photo "3" confirms rumors that Dark Butterscotch AIRLINE may place its inaugural hub at RDU (take THAT, American!)

Photo "12", alas, shows what kind of lumbar-region tumors can develop on light-skinned white people after too many trips through the scanners. "safe levels of radiation", my ass. (Or should I say, "my lower back"?)



The colorless indoors and blue skies with green grass outdoors accurately evoke the airport experience: a cold warehouse for humans, with tons of windows to a beautiful outdoors we can look at but not touch. Unless we want another trip through TSA. Unless we're at a nice airport like Changi in Singapore with multiple koi ponds and a free movie theatre, and outdoor smoking lounges (last I was there).


...the hell?

I know high schoolers with better sketchup skills than that.

Not how you sell a project.

crowd SPRING

The fact that we are continuously updating and expanding our airport is a good sign.

Kripaluji Maharaj

The beauty of the structure is eccentric, what an great example of impeccable infrastructure.

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