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April 21, 2011


Steve Graff

The rehab of 1201 N. Roxboro will be a big win for everybody who lives on or near this intersection of Roxboro and Geer. Good stuff!

Flynn Ashby

I'm quite concerned about "us" investing our tax money in the former Tire King building.....I wonder if the property has been checked for environmental issues resulting from having housed an automotive repair facility for many years. While Tire King is a local company with a seemingly great environmental might imagine there was oil dumped in the drain or on the ground years ago!
I don't think I would us to invest in a building to be inhabited if it had possible contamination underneath it is my point.

Rob Gillespie

The Durham Co-Housing folks did an environmental assessment. I don't remember the results, but perhaps they would be willing to make them public?

John Davis

Who funds these grants? The taxpayers of corse. If somone is not willing to invest private money then the project is not worth it. If someone could make money they would have already done it.

Rob Gillespie

Someone is investing private money. The BIG's only pay a maximum of 33% of the investment (a maximum grant value of $75,000 on a minimum investment of $225,000).

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