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March 15, 2011


John Davis

Why is the NCDOT widening this portion of Hillandale and not the section between I-85 and NC 147. They are olny going up the road 2 miles and then back down to two lanes. Makes you wonder who owns the property.


How about a Fresh Market or Trader Joe's? seems like the perfect location and either would bring in new customers for the wonderful eateries in the plaza.

Sabrina L.

Loehmann's revival with a Trader Joe's would have me traveling that way on a regular basis! OK. OK. I understand there isn't a current initiative to revive Loehmann's. But someone in Durham really needs to jump on this Trader Joe's issue. It's like the only thing NOT going on in Durham.


I agree with the Trader Joe's idea!! After the first article here about the Harris Teeter deal falling through I thought of TJ and even sent them a message through their site. Maybe if we get enough people to go to the TJ site and suggest it, something might come of it. It would save alot of people travelling to Chapel Hill for their TJ fix!

As for widening below 85, I think it has to do with the country club in part. They would lose all of their big old trees along the road and I am sure it would cause other issues too.


trader joes probably sees their chapel hill store as a durham store too. they never open very many anywhere they go.

just the way they look at it. same reason there isnt an rei in chapel hill.


@John Davis: The widening of Hillandale betw 85 and 147 is staunchly opposed by the WHHNA (where I live). The golf course (public, not a country club) operates as a trust - it's not tied to that spot. If the road is widened, it kills the golf course (which is divided by the road) which would move elsewhere and then that land would be in play. That's something that has the potential to really screw up the neighborhood.

Also, there's really NO reason for people to use that stretch of road for anything other than getting to/from their home in WHHNA. Folks at the VA or Duke can and should use 147/15-501. It's much faster and more efficient (although it does add slightly more distance as the crow flies).

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