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March 16, 2011


Doug Roach

Too bad. Dillards' carrot souffle is one of my favorite foods. But perhaps even worse will be the loss of Q dogs at the DBAP.
Best of luck to Wilma and the whole family.

Tar Heelz

Heartbreaking. :(

As much as Durham holds itself out as a foodie town, it is a shame that we don't rate in even the Top 30 NC communities in offerings of North Carolina's greatest claim to culinary fame.


I live just down the street but have never eaten there. Every time I drive by, it looks closed.


Wilma you have done good and I know you will be back.The Restaurant and the friendship you've shown all of us will always remain fresh and constant in our hearts.


Wow. Traffic on Fayetteville is backed up as everyone in Durham is trying to eat at Dillards today.

Maybe close next week?


Hopefully they can open up again soon. As they have gone through different business models and locations through the years, maybe they will discover a new one that will last through the current economy and into the future...

Bryan Gilmer

Oh man! Wilma, at least keep making the BBQ for Bulls games, won't you? And will you keep selling the sauce at Kroger? This was my favorite BBQ in Durham. Backyard BBQ, you had better stay open...

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