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February 24, 2011



I really liked the vision that Mr. Weddle laid out over the last several years. I am hoping that his departure is not from pushback but having accomplished his main goal.

Some leaders are visionaries...while others are implementers. Its hard to have both. Steve Jobs is one of the few which is why Apple's stock tanks every time there is a rumor about his health.

I really hope people can think bigger than competition between the downtowns and the Park. Each of the employment centers offers something unique that will attract companies of various sizes.


Whatever the new plan for RTP is, I devoutly hope it includes better signage!


The article said it took them over a year to come up with that...ugh!

The best district signage that I have seen was in Cleveland (University Circle ). Probably the best feature is that it is easy to read while driving and unambiguous.

Durham's parks signs are similar in design but hard to read while driving.

Wesley Hyatt

I would be curious as to how the transportation options for the park will be developed over the next decade, from opening 540 down to Holly Springs to adding high speed rail. There's great potential here in alleviating current aggravation in getting to and from RTP, but it has been talked about for years, and I'm hoping once they become reality, it will be lessened somewhat. I'm optimistic but realistic at the same time.

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