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Is phone polling a better portent for possible H-Teet at Ninth/Markham/H'boro?

Among Durham's retail rumors in recent months, few have been more intriguing than the suggestion that grocer Harris Teeter might end up expanding not at the old Loehmann's Plaza off I-85 as had been long rumored, but that a close-to-downtown site just off Ninth St. could be in the works instead.

A December article by Monica Chen in the H-S noted that H-Teet wasn't ready to commit to Loehmann's, leading the site developer to look at other options -- but added that the old Erwin Mills complex where a hotel and apartments are planned might also get the Charlotte area-based grocer:

Harris Teeter, which has one other location in northern Durham -- across from the Willowdaile Shopping Center on Guess Road -- has reportedly also been in talks on the Erwin Square apartments project near Ninth Street.

When reached for comment, Harris Teeter spokeswoman Catherine Reuhl said only that the company has not signed a lease for either location.

Interestingly, we got a report a couple of days back from BCR reader who lives in North Durham and got a phone call (we're not sure who made it) asking questions about their grocery habits. Reports the reader:

There were a lot of hypothetical questions, but they then switched to say that a Harris Teeter would be built [at] Ninth and Hillsborough near Markham, and asked how likely I would be to shop there.  


Of course, the question of whether a Harris Teeter will really go to the Ninth St. area seems hypothetical, too, given that one wouldn't seem likely to do a market demand study on a committed location, only a location up for consideration.

Still, it serves as more confirmation that there definitely seems to be something going on with this rumor. Stay tuned.



I dont know how I feel about this..but i'm sure i'd shop there. So i guess that answers that question.

Before I left DC Harris Teeter built two great urban markets in Adams Morgan and Capitol Hill but i'm sure Durham wouldn't get such a nice design with hidden parking garage.

Also, what is up with Durham Central Market?

Scott Harmon

Durham Central Market is moving forward. They're near their goal of 1,000 initial member shares. Their investment campaign to raise the funds needed for construction is likely to be announced in the next few weeks.


I also received a phone poll. In the 27707 zip code, they were only interested in speaking with residents who lived north and east of Cornwallis Road.


Would be great if Wegman's would come to Durham! Best grocery store I've ever been in.


If I'm going to pay a premium for food I'd just as soon continue to do so at Whole Foods. However if some of those folks want to shop at HT and alleviate some of the congestion at WF then all the better.


A supermarket within 5 minutes with a large selection that includes high-quality produce and prepared foods...and aisles that can handle two-way traffic. Yes, please. The Carrboro HT fits in nicely with Carr Mill. I'm sure a Ninth St one could fit in aesthetically just fine.

Will Wilson

I would love to see a Trader Joe's at Loehmann's...


I would love to see a Trader Joe's anywhere in Durham


What's happening with Poppies on 15-501?

And recall that Whole Foods has a planned expansion sometime this year into the old Cinelli's and into the bike shop. I think the result will be somewhat like the Chapel Hill WF.

I believe DCM is going to be a very small market, right? <10,000 sq ft. is what I last heard. It will be awesome, but a very different experience from something on the scale of what's discussed here.


Toastie? Do you have an example of a H-T with "high quality produce? None of them that I have been in feature anything local, and almost nothing organic.

Sitting this close to WF and the farmer's market I can't imagine produce would be the draw anyway.


poppies -- never happening. overenthusiastic developer and overly ambitious grocer. there will be no poppies in durham


I'm not sure a Harris Teeter at Erwin Mills would be a great addition to 9th Street. There's already a Food Lion and Whole Foods w/in walking distance of that location. My experience with Harris Teeter is that they offer relatively high prices and the slowest checkers on record. I would be happy to see a specialty market near 9th Street--an Italian market/bakery or a good fish market or something. But I'm not sure HT would be a great addition to the neighborhood.


I don't think we need another HT in Durham. What we have is plenty. How about a new store, Trader Joe's, Fresh Market or something else?


Heck yes! I live in Forest Hills and work on Broad. I'd definite shop at Ninth St H-T AND Whole Foods AND Durham Central Market.


Yeah, that neighborhood is already incredibly well-served with Food Lion, Whole foods. Not to mention Kroger is very close as well.

Also, Harris teeter does carry local and organic produce (at least the one in Carrboro does).


HT does carry organic produce, including local. I prefer HT to Food Lion and Kroger. However, I would not likely shop at it in that area as that's my Whole Foods stop.


This would be terrific! Either that or a TJs!


Please not a HT. The HTs I went to had the same service quality cherrished by Food Lion. Durham deserves better. Trader Joe would be a real asset. Great food, great people.


it sucks that no one here concerned with local produce, meats and grains shops at King's red and White. and no one shops at Compare for price and selection...


I drop a lot of my grocery money at Kings and Compare Foods. Both are so totally awesome.

Honestly, a year ago, I would have been over the moon about a Teeter, now that I'm comfy with Compare Foods/Kings I just don't see myself going out of my way to hit Teeter, other than maybe instead of Kroger.

tess of the durhamvilles

I was called as part of the grocery store phone survey well before the holidays (I live in Old West Durham). There was no specific mention of a HT at Erwin Square, but from the questions it was pretty clear to me that they were getting information for a potential chain store in the 9th Street area.

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