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December 28, 2010



As the map obsessed and Buffalo tattoed commenter, I fully endorse City Fabric. I own one of his shirts and am always getting comments on it. The t-shirts are really high quality and soft too.

Bull City Rising

@Matt -- so, if you wear the Durham t-shirt with your Buffalo tats, do people get lost asking you for directions? :)

Todd P

I appreciate that these shirts are 100% Made in the USA. Buying American-made products is a great way to get our economy moving again by getting people back to work in the USA.


Thanks for the references to Michael Bacon's Durham street history postings. I went searching & enjoyed reading them.


Excellent. Lots of Durham boosters come up with ideas like, "hey -- why don't we do some Durham t-shirts" or "hey, why don't we do some playing cards with photos of Durham stuff" etc. but either don't do it, or make the mistake of doing just Durham stuff and wondering why they're not making any money.

These NCSU folks are doing it right. Go State!

Matt & Ben CityFabric

BCR - Thanks so much for the feature!

Its great to see Durhamites so excited about their city. We continue to learn more about Durham (through friends like Dudek above) and look forward to learning more as we grow. Thanks again.

Joel Sadler

For someone that loves maps & T-shirts this is a match made in heaven. I picked one up at the Troika craft fair. Couldn't have picked a better material than American Apparel either.


Very cool shirt. Not an average design by any stretch.

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