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December 30, 2010


Kristen Rosselli

Dr. Forbes is an outstanding selection for the keynote speaker. He "walks" Dr. King's message. Thanks for inviting him to Durham.


If you are correct and Forbes is meant to be a "balance" to last year's offensive, bigoted speaker, they're missing the point entirely. There aren't two equal sides to the issue when it comes to civil rights, which includes rights for gays and lesbians. By perpetuating this idea that the bigoted point of view offered by Summit Church and its pastor is somehow equivalent to the idea that everyone deserves justice and equality is just as offensive as having a bigoted speaker, and a disgrace to the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr.
Hopefully Forbes was chosen because he best represents that legacy, and that the county chose him because they learned a lesson from last year's fiasco.

JD Overton

Why do we still listen to nut-job religious people who believe in fairy tales just because they speak from behind a pulpit? MLK Jr. got it right in spite of the stupid, irrational Christian mire he sprang from.

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