Breaking: HTC confirms lease of space in downtown Durham
BCR's Daily Fishwrap Report for December 28, 2010

BCR's Daily Fishwrap Report for December 22, 2010

One 751 Hearing Paused, Another On Track: City officials made it clear at Tuesday's work session that they don't want to entertain a Jan. 3 hearing date for a utility extension proposal from developers proposing the massive 751 South project near Jordan Lake until a municipal cost-benefit analysis of the deal and of annexation is ready, something not expected until about that date. Some Council members -- including Diane Catotti and, more notably, Cora Cole-McFadden, for whom less of an opinion on 751 South has been known -- expressed hesitation over tackling the issue at all pending the completion of a pending lawsuit over the County's handling of the case, as a City vote could trump the county matter entirely. It's unclear whether that lawsuit-first view will prevail, or whether the Council will take action on the key votes once the analysis is in. One item, a proposal to move the urban growth area boundary to encompass the site, is still on the Jan. 3 agenda; activists seem poised to work to turn out crowds for that post-New Year hearing. Your best reading on the case is in the Herald-Sun and the Indy this morning.

GSK ATC Space for HTC: The N&O and Herald-Sun confirm that hot smartphone manufacturer HTC is choosing GlaxoSmithKline's old space at the American Tobacco Campus' Crowe Bldg. for its new digs; GSK has been slowing moving out of the space as it looks to consolidate its Triangle operations and give up more than 1m sq. ft. of space. The office will open in early winter and will focus on R&D and strategy. (Herald-Sun, N&O)

Red Hat Decision Looms: Meanwhile, Linux software and services firm Red Hat -- which just announced strong quarterly results and is approaching $1b in annual revenue run rate -- expects to decide on space expansion and new HQ plans within roughly a month's time, sez the N&O. American Tobacco is in the running for the space; campus officials have been mum on the exact siting of any headquarter building, though according to the rumor mill around town, let's just say their plans might turn the seminal lyrical line of a popular Joni Mitchell song on its head. (N&O)

Coming to our Census: NC boomed in the last decade at a percentage rate faster than anywhere else in the southeast, and fifth overall, notes the N&O -- though the growth wasn't enough to pick up another Congressional seat. Which, the Herald-Sun points out through an AP wire-run story, may create opportunities for intrigue during redistricting; the article notes that two Triangle representatives, Brad Miller and David Price, might see a munging of their districts to push one incumbent out, with Miller's Triad-Triangle "stretch" district likely to become more compact. (Herald-Sun, N&O)

Share Your Christmas Needs Help: WRAL points out the challenges facing the County's Share Your Christmas program to put gifts under the tree in needy families. A Durham church had promised to help out as recessionary times led to booming demand for assistance -- only to see the unnamed church's aid fall through for as many as 300 families days before a scheduled gift distribution. If you can help, visit the Facebook page of the Durham County DSS program. (WRAL)


Sharon Hirsch

Thank you for helping to spread the word about the need for sponsors for Share Your Christmas. We appreciate all the help and are hopeful that Durham will prove once again that we are a community of "neighbors helping neighbors!"


"...though according to the rumor mill around town, let's just say their plans might turn the seminal lyrical line of a popular Joni Mitchell song on its head."

@ Kevin thanks for making me go to Wikipedia to figure this out. But I got it ;-)

Michael Bacon

Yes, well played on the Joni Mitchell reference. I'm not sure I'd call a new Red Hat campus "paradise," unless I'm mistaking the reference, but "major win" I'm on board with. :)


@Michael - I'm pretty sure that's what he's referring too - the paving of paradise (er the grassy knoll) that is to be the future home of Diamond View III and the planned residential units just to the north. Thing is DVIII is planned for (I'm guessing) roughly 150,000 sq ft. Red Hat wants 2x that.

If i'm still on target does that mean that the planned residential along side DPAC now becomes an office tower?

Seems like they'd be the perfect anchor tenant to get Sci Properties' Van Alen project off the ground.

If you go to BCR's search and enter Diamond View II you'll pull up a couple of posts that have the planned layout of the all building phases.

Rob Gillespie

Goodmon is bidding for Red Hat, but Scientific is not.


@Rob - I know. I'm just say'n. :)

Michael Bacon

Will: I figured he was talking about paving a parking lot and turning it into paradise. Kevin's going to be too cagey to just explain this himself, I guess.

Wesley Hyatt

The census figures will be very interesting once the breakdowns for counties and cities in our state come out. Given the new Republican majority in the General Assembly, I would expect they will want to carve up Durham (and Orange) County as much as possible for redistricting to dilute the largely Democratic base, but the expanding growth of urban counties like Durham over the rural ones may make that challenging to accomplish. Guess we won't know until the final numbers are out.


I hate to be a grinch, but what church backed out on their commitment at the last minute like that and why? They better have a really good reason or they go on my naughty list.


I'm really intrigued about the census results. Just returned to Durham in March, after a decade away in Europe and on the West Coast. If more people are moving here, it might have to do with this: the blue coloring of this state in the Obama election. Could we see more people clustering in places like downtown Durham? Might we see more urban, creative culture? Lots has changed here in 10 years. Curious what the next decade will bring.

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