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December 18, 2010


Steve Bocckino

It's hard to see what the City gains by getting in the middle of a legal dispute. They should wait until the matter of the protest petition is settled, then decide annexation on its own merits.

To do otherwise would short-circuit the appeal process mandated by the UDO and further undermine the faith of Durham citizens in the development process.

Bull City Rising

@Steve -- Your comment triggered my memory of Steve Medlins comments on that very subject, made earlier this fall after the BOCC vote at an INC meeting. I have updated the post to add the thoughts Medlin shared then on the matter.


I'm assuming those in opposition are contacting City Council members urging them to follow Medlin's recommendation?

Hopefully common sense will prevail.


The article in today's Herald-Sun (12/21)sure adds to the feeling that there's a lot here that "doesn't pass the smell test."


UPDATE: City Council voted to delay action this afternoon.

No longer on Jan 3 agenda.

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