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Charleston's Bull Street Gourmet & Market coming to Hope Valley Square?

We did a double-take when we heard that a business called Bull Street Gourmet & Market was planning to open up shop at Hope Valley Square, the new home for Pop's Backdoor, OnlyBurger, Rick's Diner and more off Shannon Rd.

I mean, a visit to their web site shows a bull-licious logo, so clearly they get Durham, right? Shouldn't they say "Bull City Gourmet & Market?"

Not exactly, it seems. The business in question exists on Bull Street in Charleston, South Carolina, and features a deli with sandwiches, soups, and salads -- plus craft beers, meats and cheeses, produce and other gourmet items. Located near the College of Charleston, this Palmetto State business gets good online reviews from foodies and collegians alike.

Given the name similarity, we're going to assume that this is, in fact, a new outcropping of a South Carolina fave. There's not much we're usually inclined to want to take from our sadder sister to the south, whose unfortunate exports have included too many northern-bound hurricanes and South of the Border tchotchkes -- but then again, Charleston's always stood out as a relatively classy outcropping (at least from a tourist perspective).

More on this one as we hear it; and, a hat tip to the N&O for the first mention, we think.



Wow! I used to live right down the street from this place when I went to CofC, it's going to be a perfect fit here in Durham!



Just Mary

I'm delighted for Hope Valley Square but do very much hope that Hawthorne is still planning to put some momentum and energy into the old Kroger shopping center on University.

Does anyone know the status of that?

Kevin Davis

@Mary: Finding the financing for that big, new construction mixed-use project is a much tougher task in the current environment than Hope Valley Square, which was essentially a cosmetic retrofit of a serviceable shopping center.  A very nice upfit, mind you, but still a lot more straightforward effort, and easier to finance at that. 

Anne N.

South Carolina is the ugly stepsister no more! Not when it comes to food. Yes, this is a Charleston/Durham collaboration, but separately owned and managed. I cannot wait to have it open and share all the great food and atmosphere of the original Bull St. Gourmet with all my NC friends.

Bull Street Gourmet & Marketplace

Thank you for the mention. We are working on getting a website set up at http://www.bullstreetdurham.com
Oh, and the ugly stepsister comment is gold.

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