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August 20, 2010



heck, much better than that big empty store there.

I wish that blogger hadnt automatically put me off with her writup of the location. sure, i understand sad and dismal strip malls, but why she felt the need to point out that the strip mall contained a "dentist who takes Medicaid" as criteria for a place one normally want to go is beyond me.

Chances are, your dentist takes medicaid...gonna stop going there now?

sorry, just had to note...

C Klinck

We've been fans of the Oriental Supermarket, now located near Tire King across from South Square Target, for years and years. Always glad to have more Asian food choices, but I hope the new place doesn't overshadow O.S.

Todd P

I noticed another restaurant casualty in the South Square area today - Fuddruckers. A corporate Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing was apparently the cause.

Maggie R

The link to look at Meg's photos doesn't work- it says "page not found"


Any updates on this or when it may be ready to open to the public?

Rob Gillespie

They've applied for an ABC permit. I've heard from a frequent visitor to the Raleigh location that the owner plans on opening shortly after the first of the year.

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