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June 25, 2010



If I were a different person I'd say, "TAKE THAT RALEIGH!!!". But I'm not that person ;-)


More evidence that local demographics in South Durham are continuing to improve, and why developments like 751 which cater to more upscale clientele, are needed to keep it that way.

Myers Sugg

At whatever cost to the environment and land use planning.

Wendy @ A Southern Accent

So excited about this! I was wondering what was going on next to the theater at Southpoint!


Excellent point, GreenLantern. South Durham is essentially a nice suburb of Durham. Keep the nice stuff coming.


@ Mark
Actually South Durham is in fact Durham. I just checked my map this morning.


I just think everyone should be proud that Southpoint is in Durham, and just not South Durham.

a different person

ha cha cha cha cha, delicious


South Durham is definitely Durham. They just might bear the burden of our social welfare state a little bit more than the rest of us.

Actually, we could have a lot more "Durham" if we had more quality development to annex into our tax base.
More high-income people with growth jobs, big houses with bigger taxes, and to fill up with stuff from Southpoint Mall. Basically anybody that wants to live near the best mall and shopping area in the state should be welcome, even if they never set foot downtown.

Todd Patton

I'll second the "Take That, Raleigh" sentiment.

Now if we could just get those toll booths set up at the county line...

Michael Bacon

Yes, GreenLantern, South Durham should absolutely be annoyed that the taxpayers of central and northern Durham footed the bill for a massive expansion of roads and government services to more than double the land area of the city, and driving tax rates through the roof for two decades.

I swear, will you people who gripe so much about the "social welfare state" actually go read the freakin' budget for once?


I agree with GreenLantern--in part. The 751 Assembly area needs to be in high income single family housing, as originally planned and zoned. Those folks actually will more than pay their own way. And I hope they just swarm Southpoint. (Neiman-Marcus and the Bose store probably more than Crate and Barrel).

Myers Sugg

Wow Nemontemi:

It will take more than a swarm to find Neiman Marcus!

I've never gotten the impression that anyone here is really opposed to "high end" development. It's the methods being used by K&L Gates, the property owner, etc who have contempt for the environment and dismiss working within established land use policies and ordinances.


I still maintain that IKEA would be a huge hit in Durham. Easy highway access for Greensboro, Chapel Hill, and Raleigh. All those college students, plus the young professionals galore. Can't believe the closest one is in Charlotte!

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