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June 30, 2010


Jonathan E. Tarr

Any idea how the "need" for the left-turn lane to extend the entire block is defined? Trumping the "need" for on-street parking spaces in this dense area and for traffic calming on this one-way street doesn't sound like a positive trade at all.

Michael Bacon

It's NCDOT. Don't try to reason with them on this stuff.

Best to just get the EEC built and take the streets back for the city.

common sense

will someone on the city staff grow a pair when it comes to dealing with the DOT?

The talk of downtown revitalization is a lot of hot air if this is what they are going to do.

there should be parking on both sides of Duke Street, pre and post EEC.

There really is not that much traffic on Duke Street, the only time there are backups is when the train rolls through.


Vehicles turning left onto Main might have to wait for a pedestrian or two, but I can't imagine how DOT could justify a dedicated left turn lane several hundred feet long when there's no oncoming traffic - especially at the expense of much needed parking in such a dense urban setting.

This is just another example of outdated NCDOT design criteria like those that gave us several miles of unneeded shared left turns lanes (and hundreds of acres of impervious surface) on Duke and Guess north of I-85.


2 words: Guerilla Restriping


So thats why people were honking at me on Monday morning. I stop there every morning for coffee. Being a creature of habit I thought nothing of it.

I'm also convinced that work along Duke and Morgan will never end. Those guys seem to jackhammer the same section of side walk each Monday and have it fixed by Friday.

Todd Patton

There are plenty of intersections in town that need more capacity, but this isn't one of them.

The EEC cannot come soon enough.


A woman in Beijing who rolled out her own parking space:

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