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February 16, 2010



I really don't see the case for going away with the system we have today.

The licensed facilities easily ranked by the star system provide with good care and education to our children.

Why try to destroy something which works and took years to build with something which will be impossible to monitor and control (i.e. the subsidy will go to child care and not anything else).

Also would her proposal mean less money for the daycares/preschool that play by the rules and go through the State's licensing process? This would put an additional financial burden on the families like mine who are making a real financial sacrifice to pay for a fantastic daycare as they would see their tuition rise.

Honestly, if daycare options remain too expensive in our city for low income families, let's increase the value of the voucher the official daycares get so that they can accomodate all children. This would benefit everybody.


I remember reading when I was looking for care for my daughter (but cannot now find the source) that children in in-home day care situations were more likely to be injured or subject to inappropriate disciplinary action than children in daycares, even when taking into account whether or not the in-home provider was licensed.

I think this is a very bad move.


It's an interesting dynamic when people decide to judge what is best for the children of others. If parents need to work and can't afford daycare even with the current subsidies, why not open up affordable child care options? I don't think this proposal will destroy the current licensing system - it does open competition for those dollars though and not in the sense of "No Children Left Behind"... these are private businesses.

If this does pass, hopefully there will be a greater effort to educate parents on what quality child care looks like so that children will not get caught up in shady situations. Some in-home care can be really beneficial for children, much more than a larger center - you just have to know what to look for.


so that children will not get caught up in shady situations

That is the reason for the regulations on child-care facilities in the first place. Your argument doesn't make sense. Then you throw a straw man in at the end. It isn't just a choice between a "large center" and one in Aunt Zelda's basement. There are smaller facilities that have actually met the minimal requirements we have now.

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