Duke/Gregson street tree canopy replacement starts before New Years Day
Hey, Herald-Sun, don't take credit for the toy drive if you didn't bring them all yourself

New DATA hybrid buses arrive, bring funky new paint scheme to boot

It's here: the first of the new hybrid diesel-electric buses added to Durham's DATA fleet.

Just as interesting as the cool new technology is the, er, unmistakable new paint scheme found on the buses. It's the first bus to use the new look.


What say you, dear readers? For my part, I'm... decidedly undecided. Somehow I think I liked it better on the mock-ups. The swooshie-stripes rolling down the side just aren't quite working for me.

Thanks to reader Donovan for the quick-pic.



aren't city buses supposed to look ridiculous and out of date? if so, then mission accomplished. i guess it's the environment that wins here, though. still a nice step forward for durham.

G Wolf

I think they look neat.

Erik M.

I kind of like them. It's already nice that the bus isn't a rolling advertisement.


Aside from reminding me of commercial airplanes in the 1980s, I think it looks fine. To paraphrase Rich's comment... aren't most things hybrid supposed to look silly? ;)


I think they look pretty snazzy. Especially pleasant on a gray winter day. The yellow and red stripes together look like a road ! :) Ugly buses ? CAT.


I think they look much better than the current ones-- today's design is like a giant stamp saying 'Government issue, 1993'


I saw one today. They look much better in person.

Todd P

I don't mind the color. I just wish DATA would wash their buses more often. The dirty / diesel coating is not a good look.

Marcus Hesse

I saw one of these around Duke and they are gorgeous! I feel the progressive look is in tune with Durham.

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