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December 04, 2009



This is great! I like having the option of Outlet shopping closer to us in Durham. Especially since I wasn't a big fan of the Smithfield Outlets layout!


I hope there are some more interesting shops announced than those listed above or in the article. You can find those outlets anywhere.

Derek Mangum

There goes my idea of converting Northgate Mall into outlets.

Michael Bacon

Ahem. 20 miles west of Durham.

Stephen White

Didn't Tanger once own the BMOC within 10 years ago?

Bull City Rising

@Michael (and John Schelp, who wrote in): Thanks for the directional catch; fixed. That's what I get for writing this at oh-dark-thirty this morning!

@Stephen: Yes, and I believe that's the center they sold to Anthony & Co. a couple of years back.

@Derek: Not a bad outcome for Northgate, but the big challenge there would be that outlet mall stores generally agree to operate a certain number of miles away from a regional mall operation as part of a non-compete, which is why they enter places like Smithfield, etc. Not sure how the RDU outlet mall ever fit into that scheme between the old South Square and Cary Towne Center, but there you go.

The story (and future) of Northgate is a long and interesting tale. Maybe, just maybe, it will be told in full one of these days.

Stockard Channing

I will say this about has better food court food than Southpoint.

tess of the durhamvilles

and Northgate is locally owned and managed.

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