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November 07, 2009



Well, I for one never doubted the success of the DPAC, nor the continuing success of our other venues like the Carolina when the debate raged on about how supporting the DPAC would run the others out of business. It was a worthwhile investment.

Let's see how long it takes for Meeker to propose a copycat venue for the City of Oaks. After all, they can't let poor, dirty Durham grab all the good acts.

Steve Bocckino

I did worry about the Carolina (still do) and I was never a fan of the city getting involved in the entertainment business (professionally, that is). But l I've heard nothing but raves from patrons, and now the return on investment is exceeding expectations.

The turnaround of downtown Durham has been an amazing success and the pols, DDI-ers, and developers who labored to make it happen deserve a standing ovation.


I have attended several events at the DPAC, from the Broadway series to concerts by Ben Folds and Leonard Cohen to the ADF this summer. The staff at this venue are amazingly friendly, the acoustics are fantastic, and the customer service we've received when issues arose with our season tickets was superb. Couple this with the proximity of the venue to new and exciting restaurants and bars, and the DPAC is a shining example of the vitality of downtown Durham.

Our household income is not high, but DPAC events have a variety of price points and although we'll probably never be in the orchestra, the seats we do get are always great.


GM Bob Klaus deserves a lot of credit for his commitment to customer service. I have sent email to him twice (once regarding an issue with the sound at the Cirque Dreams show, and again with a suggestion to book the Beatles revival group Fab Faux). Both times he responded personally within 24 hours! This attention to the concerns of patrons has clearly filtered down through the staff and volunteers who work at DPAC. Everyone is polite, friendly, and helpful. This, combined with quality programming, a great downtown location with convenient parking, and reasonable ticket prices, makes people want to come back again and again.


I must be in the minority but I was very disappointed with my experience at DPAC for Fiddler and don't plan to return. Those of us in the cheap seats had a difficult time hearing the dialogue and music and there are no bathrooms at that level. It's very inconvenient to take a quick restroom break. It's just not worth the price to me - I'd rather be in a more comfortable setting at Memorial Hall in Chapel Hill or all the way in Winston-Salem at the Stevens Center.
Don't get me wrong - I'm glad that DPAC is turning a profit. I just don't plan to be a part of that profit scheme.


This doesn't surprise me at all. We're two shows through our Broadway season tix at DPAC, and I've been overwhelmed by the high quality of the venue and - even more so - by the high quality of the staff and volunteers we have encountered.

From the people who greet you at the door, to those handing out programs and directing traffic, to those at the concession counters, everyone has been remarkably friendly and professional. Maybe I'm just jaded by the overall lack of pride people seem to have in providing excellent customer service, but these folks have blown me away.

I guess I'm with Toby. If anyone has had a different experience, I'd be interested to hear about it.

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