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October 26, 2009


 Mike Licht

It's not a fad, it's a syndrome -- Zombie Behavior Spectrum Disorder, ZBSD



We just got back. This was so much fun. Thanks for the heads-up! :)


I wanted to thank all of you who took part in and promoted this year's Zombie lurch. I'm happy to say it went off with no problems, and only minor police observation when traffic was temporarily blocked on Main St.

One of us counted a total of 180 costumed people in the procession. I do know that we also had a number of onlookers that ended up walking with us for the duration, victims in plainclothes, photographers and vieographers, and "hunters" hiding behind random shrubs.

It was a fun night for all Ages. Thanks to All of the Businesses that were good enough to Support and/or Tolerate the Lurchers: to Piedmont for serving up Zombie Punch, to James Joyce, Federal and Bull McCabe's for taking on the throng of Zombies throughout the evening. Also thanks to My husband Sean, and the random lurchers that stepped up to help corral and guide the dead into orderly throngs throughout the night.

I've always said this thing is just quintissentially Durham in its diverse make-up, quirky, expressive, counter-conventional "why not" sense, but one Lurcher recently added this aspect:

"It is powerful to claim the streets."

ok, i'll take that.

This town loves a Happening... .Thanks Durham

-Vera Reina
Headmistress, Durham Zombie Lurch


Has anyone scheduled a Lurch for the 2010 Halloween weekend?


When is the date for the 2010 Durham Zombie Lurch? Can't find info for the Durham lurch anywhere!!!!!

Andrew Edmonds

Gots to check the FB, Sean...

October 30.
Parking lot across from Piedmont.

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